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Middlebury VT 125 Bridge 13

Middlebury RS 0174(8) - Bridge 13 - VT 125 over Middlebury River (Sand Hill Bridge) Bridge Replacement Project


View video of Sand Hill Bridge demolition

View video of Sand Hill Bridge Demolition Time Lapse

Project Location

The bridge is located in the Town of Middlebury in Addison County on VT 125 over the Middlebury River. It is located approximately 1.58 miles east of the intersection of US 7 and VT 125.

Project Objective

The Middlebury VT 125 Bridge 13 project will replace the existing bridge, which was built in 1924 and is now in poor condition and does not meet current design standards.

Existing Conditions

The existing concrete arch bridge spans 42’. The bridge was built in 1924 and has a curb-to-curb width of 24’6”. This narrow width does not allow for sidewalks, which creates an unsafe condition for pedestrians.

Bridge Design

The design of the new bridge increases the curb-to-curb width of the bridge from 24’ 6” to 36’ to accommodate wider travel lanes, shoulders and sidewalk. The new structure will feature a five foot sidewalk to allow for easier access to both sides of the gorge and a steel/concrete combination bridge rail. The offset from the existing fascia to the new outer edge is 3’ downstream and 10’ upstream.

The final design addressed public comments concerning impacts. The VT 125 roadway alignment will be shifted approximately 6’ to the east to avoid impacts to recreational resources and archaeologically sensitive areas and to reduce impacts to adjacent properties, trees and vegetation. This revised alignment also results in improved drainage, reduced construction time and construction costs.

The bridge will be replaced using Accelerated Bridge Construction (ABC) methods. Weather permitting, VTrans will secure the work zone by closing a portion of VT Route 125 within the work area and establish the detour route. Then the contractor will demolish the existing structure and the new bridge will be constructed. The anticipated duration of the detour route will be 45 days beginning sometime between the middle of April to the beginning of May.

The bridge is located 1.5 miles east of the intersection of RT 7 and 125 over the Middlebury River.

Detour Driving Directions

Map of Detour

From the East Drive 14.5 miles east on 125 towards Hancock. Turn right and drive south on VT 100 for 5 miles, turn right onto VT 73 west for 17 miles, turn right and drive north on RT 7 for 13 miles.

From the West On RT 125 drive 1.5 miles west to Route 7. Turn left on Route 7 and drive south for 13 miles, turn left onto VT 73 east for 17 miles, turn left and drive north on VT 100 for 5 miles, and then turn left onto RT 125.

Target Construction Schedule

VTrans completed construction of the Middlebury VT 73 Bridge 13 and reopened the bridge to traffic on May 31st. The bridge, which had been closed to traffic since April 19th, opened 2 days ahead of schedule.

Project Milestones

  • Preliminary Plans - June 2012
  • Permitting - October 2012
  • Final Design -April 2013
  • Right-of-Way - June 2013
  • Bid Advertisement - September 2013
  • Contract Award - November 2013
  • Construction - April/May 2014


The Contractor for Middlebury VT 125 Bridge 13 is T. Buck Construction.


The project cost for Middlebury VT 125 Bridge 13 is $2,654,984.